SEO, e-marketing and Social Media

SEO, e-marketing and Social Media

SEO (Google)


Social Media

Search Engine optimization or better yet: Search Engine Marketing. You want to make your website easy for your users AND understandable for search engines like Google? Do you have a website but it’s not showing up in Google results? Copywriters improve your SEO for your online channels by creating relevant content, changing the metadata (the properties of your documents) of your webpages and improving your keyword count.

Hire us to compete in the Google race.

Together with SEO, we make sure your message reaches your target audience. Promoting your idea does not mean just having it on a website, idling. We strongly encourage communication with your audience. This is a time consuming job. This is why you need us, copywriters. Creating that link with your audience is our core business, so you can focus on yours.

Need content for your Tweets? Facebook page? LinkedIn articles? We create that content and can place them directly on your Social Media channels, without you having to lift a finger. Please contact us without any obligation for some more information.