“BYAZ helps entrepreneurs getting a clear insight in their company strategy and the implementation thereof. The Total Respect Management management strategy directly leads [sic] towards excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).”
We write and rewrite webpages, mailings and other documents, and work out strategies together with Peter Blokland, the founder of BYAZ.



ubeon is cooperation [sic] of self-employed business trainers, coaches and consultants.”
Worlds behind Words is a service provider for ubeon. We write and schedule the mailings for several coaches/trainers, create their landing page on the ubeon website and use their templates to create the events on formstack/eventbrite.

The Second Phase

The Second Phase

TSP has a similar objective as Words behind Worlds: they want to encourage people in developing their ideas. The difference lies in the execution of that development. We write and translate ideas, they test and develop the (latent) ideas of the employees of corporations.
We translated the documents for their Entrepreneurial Boot Camp flyer.


Marjan Crabtree – The ICT Girl

The driving force behind the ICT girl is Marjan Crabtree. She’s convinced that a professional presence on the Internet is of vital importance for Dutch companies. Because of her strong technical language skills and her vast ICT-experience as a Senior Consultant in New Zealand, Great Britain and The Netherlands, she takes care of your professional English and Dutch texts keeping the original message alive. Her no-nonsense approach is honest and fair so you get what you expect and often a little bit extra.

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